About Us

TerraCulture has been providing quality heritage consulting services since January 2000.

As a business, TerraCulture’s aim has always been to provide the best possible product for our clients; integrity, efficiency and effective advice are central to our business ethic. These goals are fulfilled through a thorough quality control system, as well as consistent efforts to develop and improve business operations in line with clients needs and industry standards.

Despite being available to complete projects throughout the whole of Australia, TerraCulture has specialised mostly within the sate of Victorian. The focus on Victorian archaeology has enabled the development of;

1) A thorough understanding and familiarity of state and legislative requirements;

2) In depth knowledge of land-use history;

3) High level understanding of landform and landform-history within Victoria.

Our staff members have chosen to specialise in Australian archaeology and have
a keen interest in the work that we undertake. The archaeological team comprises
a large range of highly experienced permanent staff members, with a range of expertise in both indigenous and non-indigenous archaeological consultancy work. All of our archaeological staff are approved Cultural Heritage Advisors (CHA’s) within both Aboriginal Affairs Victoria and Heritage Victoria; qualified to work under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 and the Heritage Act 1995 respectively. In addition, TerraCulture has access to a large network of casual staff that enables fieldwork and large projects to be completed as efficiently as possible.

In addition to our archaeological staff, TerraCulture employs GIS experts who
ensure greater accuracy in reporting and a permanent administrative
team within the business provides organization and reliability within business

TerraCulture now employs over 20 experienced and highly capable permanent
staff members. TerraCulture is one of Victoria’s leading and most experienced archaeological consultancy companies, having completed projects for a wide range of clients including government organisations, mining companies, local councils and private developers.

We pride ourselves in our staff, service and product; as well as a long history of successful business operations. The business looks forward to the future;
furthering and fulfilling the aims of the company in providing quality and professional archaeological services.