Mapping Staff

Paul Bazalicki
Senior GIS Consultant


  • Cert. Cartography, Ass Dip. Surveying

Paul began working at TerraCulture in 2005 and is now a senior manager at the company. His roles include overseeing the GIS requirements for projects, integrating client data, assisting directors, and mentoring junior staff. Having over twenty-five years experience in the field of GIS consulting, Paul has previously been employed within both government and private companies as a consultant GIS provider, as well as running his own private consulting services. Over the last six years with TerraCulture, Paul has gained extensive knowledge of the specific mapping and data requirements that are needed within the cultural heritage industry. Apart from these roles and specialisations, Paul is interested in the progress of technology and the upkeep of TerraCulture’s processes with the fast pace of technological development.

Richard Marshall

Junior GIS Consultant

 Richard began working with TerraCulture in 2008 assisting in fieldwork and managing the maintenance of the field equipment and vehicles. Within six months of working in the firm, he decided to pursue his interest in cartography, beginning a diploma in GIS at RMIT part time which he will complete in 2012. Richard enjoys his work at TerraCulture, working under Paul Bazalicki in producing maps for projects and occasionally helping digging in the field with the archaeologists.