Archaeological Staff

Monica Toscano
Sen. Project Archaeologist


  • PGradDip in Archaeology

Monica began working at TerraCulture in 2006 after completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology at the University of Melbourne in 2005. Over the last five years Monica has gained extensive experience in archaeological consulting. She is proficient in fieldwork management, project management, liaison with clients, government organisations and Aboriginal communities, and report writing. Monica is highly competent with current legislation and has completed numerous Cultural Heritage Management Plans. Monica became a Senior Project Archaeologist with TerraCulture in 2010.

Lance Wackett
Sen. Project Archaeologist


  • BA (Hons) Archaeology,Graduate Diploma Hist. Arch.

Lance has been part of the archaeological team at TerraCulture since 2009. He has over eight years of consulting experience in Victoria and New South Wales, and has also worked on projects in Tasmania and the Northern Territory. Although he specialises in historical archaeology and artefact analysis, he is competent and experienced with both indigenous and non-indigenous archaeology and has successfully competed many Cultural Heritage Management Plans, archaeological assessments and excavation reports. He is proficient in project and fieldwork management, report writing and consultation, and is highly knowledgeable of current legislation. Lance is a Senior Project Archaeologist with TerraCulture.

Jarrod MacCulloch
Project Archaeologist


  • BA/BSc (Hons) Earth Sciences and Archaeology

Jarrod has been working at TerraCulture since late 2009. Before working for TerraCulture, Jarrod spent three years in Western Australia where he worked as a geologist following his graduation from university in 2005. Coming from a background of earth sciences Jarrod has extensive understanding of raw material identification, site formation and geomorphology. Over the last two years, Jarrod has gained experience in Victorian archaeology, having completed a wide range of projects in both indigenous and non-indigenous archaeology. His skills include fieldwork, report writing and knowledge of current indigenous and non-indigenous heritage legislation.

Andrew Orr

Sen. Proj. Archaeologist


  • BA Hons (Archaeology), MA (Archaeology)

Andrew started working at TerraCulture is 2011, following five years working as a Cultural Heritage Advisor for another Melbourne-based consultancy firm. He has a long history of archaeological consulting experience, having been employed as an archaeologist since 1993 in both overseas roles in Ireland, France, and Jersey and in Australia since 1999. He has affiliations with both the World Archaeological Congress and the Australian Archaeology Association. Proficient in both indigenous and non-indigenous Australian archaeology, Andrew has directed a broad range of archaeological projects and has prepared over 25 approved Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans. Andrew is proficient in all aspects of archaeological consulting including project management, liaison with key stakeholders, fieldwork, report writing and artefact analysis. Andrew is employed as a Senior Project Archaeologist for TerraCulture.